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Virtual Bean.

We are a small, unique web design company and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide individualized, personal attention to all of our clients.

Once upon a time in 2005, a brave soul named Wayne decided to bid adieu to the rat race and embark on a wild adventure. Armed with a part-time hobby and a dream, he set out to turn it into a real business. And guess what? He did it! Virtual Bean was born, and Wayne never looked back, except to check for any rogue coffee spills.

Now, here's the juicy part: Virtual Bean has achieved all this without resorting to those fancy-schmancy newspaper ads, the Yellow Pages (do people still use those?), or even TV commercials. Nope, our growth is fueled by our amazing customers who can't stop raving about us, and our trusty friend Google who spreads the word like butter on toast. We let our work do the talking, because let's face it, a picture of a smiling customer is worth a thousand billboards.

But hey, let's address the elephant—or should we say coffee bean?—in the room. You're dying to know where the name "Virtual Bean" came from, right? It's a tale as old as Wayne's primary school days. You see, his friends lovingly called him "Beanz" (inspired by those iconic Heinz cans). Fast forward to the internet era, and voila, Virtual Bean was born! It's a nod to the past, a tribute to the online realm, and a testament to our founder's enduring nickname.

So there you have it, the caffeinated journey of Virtual Bean. From a part-time hobby to a thriving business, fueled by passion, referrals, and a nickname that stuck like coffee stains on a white shirt. Wayne and his team are here to make your web dreams come true, one sip of success at a time. Virtual Bean, where beans become websites and dreams take flight!