About Virtual Bean

We are a small, unique web design company and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide individualized, personal attention to all of our clients.

Virtual Bean began its life in 2005 after Wayne decided to follow a new direction, leave the rat race behind and find out if it was possible to take a part time hobby and turn it into a real business. Happily; he could and did! Wayne and Virtual Bean have not looked back as the company’s web presence, client base and reputation continue to grow.

Virtual Bean takes pride in the fact that we have never placed an advertisement into a Newspaper, the Yellow Pages or on TV. We only rely on our customer referrals and listing with Google. We love what we do and take pride in all of work that we complete, which we let speak for itself!

One question that our customers always ask us is…Where did the name "Virtual Bean" come from? It’s actually very simple, Wayne Hines… my nickname throughout primary school was "Beanz" (from the Heinz can). I now work on the net so Virtual Bean was born!