What We Do

Web Design

Web Site Design

A lot of people do not realise the impact of the design of their website.

A strategic and unique design will showcase your business, and reflect its look and feel.

A poor design will mean that potential customers usually won’t go any further than the first page.

At Virtual Bean we pride ourselves on providing a unique exclusive design for each client, we don’t buy sites "off the shelf", nor steal other peoples designs. Your website will be built uniquely just for you!

During our meetings we will discuss your design ideas and requirements whilst looking at your logo and other marketing material to ensure that your branding remains consistent.

services cms

Content Management Systems

Virtual Bean builds CMS (Content Management System) Sites.

What does it mean to you?

It means that we build websites that are really easy to keep control of and that, can be updated anytime, anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet Connection. Any site that is more than 10 pages in size will benefit from a CMS construction, as this will also allow you to utilise many extra applications that can really enhance your website.

Virtual Bean uses a fantastic CMS system that is Open Source. This means that we can customise it fully to your needs and there are NO Licence Fees. We believe that this is the most cost effective way to build a website.

services ecommerce


Virtual Bean can build easy to use e-commerce websites. Our Open Source Software is used all over the world for websites selling products. It enables you to have a huge range of products online and can be fully maintained by you.

This software allows your customers to create a shopping list, ask questions about individual products, and also keep track of their order right through the whole transaction.

In the administration area you control all of your orders, create specials and you have the option to switch individual products on and off at any time. We can also give your customers several different options for shipping and payments methods.

services maintenance


Once we have built your new site we don't wave and send you out the door. We can offer a customised maintenance package to enable your site to be kept up to date, looking fresh and being consistent.

You have a business to run, so all you have to do is let us know what needs to be done and we will get to work.



services process

The Process

The first question in our process is, “Why do you want a Website?”

We need to know what you want a web presence to do for your business; your answers to this question will give us a better idea of the website that best suits your needs and what we need to build for you.

We will sit down together and discuss the entire process and even share our “Work Path” with you. This shows the step by step process of building your new website and gives you a clear understanding of where your site is at all times during construction.

Throughout the building process you will be able to view your new website in our development area. You can watch as we build your site!